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November 11, 2017by sanoosh3600

If you have pets at your home, then you might be assuming that options are very much limited for flooring. No matter how much disciplined and well behaved is your dog or cat, they’re might going to have an accident while you’re training them, and they’re going to be tracking dirt into the home. But, that doesn’t mean you can not find a suitable flooring that is easy to clean, and looks great. Here are some of the flooring options that can be stand up to any animal.

Maple and Brazilian walnut are both good options that can take a beating. These woods hold up nicely to the scratching of doggy nails, and with a good finish laid over them, tend not to stain as easily as some softer woods.

Laminate and Vinyl
Laminate and vinyl flooring are the safest choices. They’re almost impossible to stain, easy to install, cheap to replace, and hard to scratch. That said, it’s not exactly a bulletproof shield for your floor. Keep an eye out for spills, because liquids can seep into the gaps and stain the floorboards underneath. There is also high-quality vinyl flooring so that you can get the look and feel of hardwood at a fraction of the cost. This is perhaps the wisest choice if you are flooring on a budget and would like a wide range of options for the look and feel of your floor.

Stone can bring a beautiful and unique look to your home. It is very hard to damage and easy to clean, but can be a bit cold and can be costly in comparison to most other options.


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