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November 9, 2017by sanoosh3600

Hardwood flooring tends to fade over time with exposure to sunlight, and even the finish on hardwood floors can be damaged by too much UV rays exposure, that lead to that yellow tinge and that can be unpleasant to look at. You can prevent this from your wooden floor. The experts at Brazil Wood Floors helps you to prevent your floor from this UV exposure. Here are a few things that you can do to combat this process:

UV Inhibiting Finishes
UV inhibitors in flooring finishes are still a developing technology. There are a lot of great finishes out there that will slow down the fading process, but none that will stop it dead in its tracks. You can also use a pigment based stain, which fades slower than a dye stain. Our trained design associates can talk with you to see if a UV inhibiting finish is the right choice for your flooring!

Window Coverings and Films
wood-floor-fadingA tinted window can go a long way towards hardwood color longevity. You can also use heavier curtains to ensure that no sunlight gets in during the bright afternoons, but sacrificing natural light entire seems like an extreme step, so placing awnings over your windows can block direct sunlight without turning your home into a cave.

Some fading is going to happen no matter what, but you can ensure that the floor fades evenly by rearranging the room now and then. When a rug or a chair blocks the same spot for too long, that spot remains very dark while the flooring around it fades, leading to a patchy, unappealing appearance. Switch it up now and then to keep this from happening.

Sanding and Refinishing
If your floor has already suffered substantial fading, all that can really be done at that point is to sand the flooring down and apply a new coat of finish. If the fade goes too deeply, you can stain the floor before applying the new finish in order to restore the flooring to its original rich tone.

A little maintenance and prevention will help to keep that fade from bleaching your floor’s color completely. If you’re ready to get to work on your new hardwood floor, give a call to the experts at Brazil Wood Floor to schedule your free in-home consultation.


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