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December 15, 2017by sanoosh3600

Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular flooring choices on the market today. This is simply because of its timeless beauty and natural warm it brings to any space. However, when living with hardwood floors there are a few design principles you need to keep in mind before turning your house into a home.

Accents Rugs

A common thing most people miss when they have nothing but hardwood floors throughout their house or condominium is the softness of carpet under the foot. One way to lessen the impact on your feet and add dimension and design to your space is to add a few rugs or carpets here and there. Placing rug in strategic places like in living rooms or in long hallways can break up the uniforms look of hardwood flooring throughout and provide that nice soft landing place for your foot in those high traffic areas.

No matching needed

Resist the urge to match your furniture with the colouring of your floors. The look of hardwood flooring is perfect to mix up your colours and textures of other furniture in the room. Just because you have dark coloured hardwood floors does not mean you are require to buy dark wood bookshelves and matching coffee tables. Using a variety of textures, tones, and colours will help accentuate your floors uniqueness and make your house more inviting and non-uniform.

Light it up

Allow as much light into the room as possible. Wood floors look fantastic in natural lighting and the more you allow the more you home will look inviting and warm. If you have darker floors, open the windows, (maybe soften the direct light with sheers) and allow the light to do the design work for you. Having white walls or white furniture would also help to liven up the space as a contrast to the dark flooring.

 Add some bold colours

Having natural hardwood floors does not preclude you from adding bold colours to your home, just choose them wisely. Having bold colours like deep reds or bold yellows will not only add colour but they will help bring out the natural tones of the flooring and add drama and excitement to your room. In this case be careful with the amount of bold colours you add. Adding one piece of furniture or an accent chair and pillows is great but if all your furniture and rugs are bright pink then no matter how good your floors look nothing can save the overall design.


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