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November 29, 2017by sanoosh3600

First Important Step  that you will consider while installing a new flooring is selecting hardwood flooring that you not only love but that matches existing pieces within your interior. You can also add a personal touch to hardwood flooring,  with a custom pattern or design.

You can create a floor that’s unique to your home by using different colored woods, or by arranging uniformly colored wood into unusual patterns,  Depending on your personality and the look you are after, here’s a look at some of the different types of designs that can be incorporated into your wood flooring:

Medallions and inlays. If you want to make your hardwood flooring the centerpiece of a room, incorporate a medallion or other type of inlay into the center of the room. These work well in large entryways, great rooms and any other part of the home you want to showcase. A medallion can feature common emblems such as a nautical compass, fleur-de-lis, Celtic knots or even the family crest.

Rug pattern. Another way to use wood flooring to unify a room is to incorporate an area rug right into your flooring. Portland homeowners can use a rug design to highlight a seating arrangement by surrounding the area with a rectangular border and then filling it with a pattern that contrasts with the rest of the floor, such as a herringbone or parquet pattern.

Borders. Outline a room by using different stain colors or types of wood to create an intricate border within your hardwood flooring. Border styles can range from Moroccan to Celtic to Art Deco; you can derive inspiration from wallpapers, textiles and other types of art.

Create your own. A simple way to customize your wood flooring is to design your own installation pattern by arranging pieces of wood into a configuration you like. Then repeat that pattern throughout the room.


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